Giacomo Capacci Arabians - Breeding and reproduction center

It is with great pride and immense joy that our breeding and reproduction center since years is making an important impact on the Arabian horse industry around the world.
The unique and extraordinary group of stallions we are proud to offer are drawing history of our breed for the years to come, young stallions that are already making an significant impact on today's show scene. Last weekend Italian National Championships is a fine example of Champion offspring Sired by stallions standing at GCA:
- Yearling Champion filly: Nemesi Regalis by SA FAEZ SIMBAD.
- Junior Champion colt: Invictus by CAVALLI.
- Junior Silver Champion filly: TF Venezia by KAHIL AL SHAQAB
- Junior Bronze Champion filly:RK Andra by EKS ALIHANDRO

A heartfelt thank you for all the breeders that have chosen the stallions standing at GCA for their breeding program, to the owners to entrust us with the care and promotion of the stallions.
To have such an incredible group of mares selected every year to be bred at our large breeding facility and be able to see the foals first is of an never ending excitement! THANK YOU!